Hey, my name is Francisco Bicho and I am a Game Developer based in Lisbon, Portugal.

Originally from Covilhã, a small town in the center-north region of Portugal, I grew up in what some might describe as a remote wilderness. An almost uninhabited area where the chances of survival were slim. I had to scavenge for supplies and shelter everyday to survive the harsh environment. Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration—it’s just a regular small town. But hey, it’s where I honed my survival skills, navigating the wilds of everyday life and hunting for supplies.. or maybe just the occasional snack at the local café.

I am also what you can consider a real-life Otaku. I love to play board games and competitive video games with my peers. Fiddling with game engine tech is fun as well! Currently, I work as an Engine Programmer at Funcom.